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ignorantcandy's Journal

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※ Welcome to ignorantCANDY ※
This journal is managed and maintained by filthemeute, playing_suicide, & nekronos.
ignorantCANDY is a graphics journal containing mostly japanese musicians, but there are other things as well, so dont worry!
Our community has free icons for everyone to take and use as long as credit is given. We also have magazine scans, wallpapers, friends only banners, and other assorted things for you to enjoy, but you'll need to join the community to get your pretty hands on those!


The rules;
01;   Do NOT hotlink any icons. Save and upload them to your own server please.We have a list of useful picture storage sites located listed below.
02;   Please credit "ignorantCANDY" in the comments. Don't know how to do so? Don't worry, click here!
03;   We love when you comment, so please do so when you take something!
04; Textless icons ARE NOT BASES. You may not edit them and call them your own under any circumstances.
05;   When downloading scans, please remember to credit us when you take them. It takes a very long time to scan them in and crop all the pages on full magazines, the least we ask is for credit when you use them.

Image Hosting;
02;   photobucket.com